Portable Granny Flat Construction for the Sunshine Coast & Brisbane

Welcome to A&S Portables, helping you create more space to work, live, earn and play!
We can help you turn your extra space into extra income, with specialised construction of granny flats and portable buildings. With a wide range of applications, our portables are perfect for the residential, industrial and commercial sectors. With living costs and home prices rising, A&S provide the perfect, flexible space solution.

A Wide Range Of Applications

Granny flats and portable buildings have many possible applications to save you money and provide many benefits. Whether you have young adult children looking for a space of their own, you’re in need of a portable classroom or office, or you’re simply after more flexibility on your property, A&S Portables can help you find the perfect solution!

As the designer and manufacturer we provide:
  • Onsite offices
  • Sales offices
  • Portable first aid and training rooms
  • One, two and three bedroom granny flats
  • Portable accommodation blocks
  • Farm buildings
  • Portable classrooms
  • Dongas
  • Home offices

Fully Customisable

A & S Portables is part of Complete Steel Frames, a steel frame manufacturing business with expertise in drafting, manufacturing, construction, and house building. We can provide an off the plan portable building, a fully customised portable building, or a custom steel frame design to suit your needs.

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